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Submit a Tech Request

If Datanyze does not currently track a technology of interest to you, please let us know by submitting a tech request. Submitting a tech request is easy, so here is a quick guide on how to do it successfully.

Submit a Tech Request

1. Go to the tech request submission page. The link to the tech request page can be found on the right-hand side of the Technologies module within your Datanyze account.


2. Choose what type of technology you're requesting.

There are two types of tech requests: Web Technologies and Mobile SDKs. By default, the submission page will be for Web Technologies, but you can switch to a Mobile SDK request by clicking the Mobile SDK hyperlink.


3. Fill out the required information. To help our engineers quickly and accurately add a new technology, please give them as much information as possible. Input your name, email, the technology name, the website for that technology and, if possible, the category that the technology should fall under.

The most important information you can provide is any possible signature that you know of for that technology. This helps point our engineers in the right direction if you already have that data. A signature is a unique technology identifier typically located in the code of a website. For example, websites using Google Analytics have the signature

The second most important info you can provide is any websites you know that are using this technology. This helps our engineering team research for possible snippets on sites known to use the technology, which speeds up process and shortens the turn-around time.

Lastly, if there any any additional info that you can provide to help our engineers in the process, please let us know! Tips could include a quick description of the type of technology, what type of businesses might be using this technology, and/or anything else you feel is valuable intel.

4. Submit to our engineers. Simply click the Submit Request button at the bottom of the page.


5. Wait for a response. Our engineers will respond directly to the email you provided after they have reviewed the technology. This will usually take about 2 weeks. There are three types of responses:

Successfully Added

This means our engineering team has accurately found a way to track this technology. They will provide a link in the email to the technology within Datanyze.

Need More Time
Our engineers need more time to be able to successfully track this technology. Please be patient with them and feel free to circle back with Support in a couple weeks.

Need More Info
This means our engineering team needs additional info to be able to successfully track this technology. If you can provide details about any possible signatures or website using this technology, please do so.

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