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Using Technology Data in Targeting

This article will help explain how to target sites using specific technologies. This is especially useful if you know your best customers typically use a specific solution. For example, if 90% of your customers use HubSpot, using Targeting to identify companies that also use HubSpot would be very valuable.

Using technology data is also useful for identifying domains using a competitive or complementary tool. Discover companies using your competitors, or that have a technology your product integrates with, in just a few quick clicks.

List of Technology Conditions in Targeting

Currently Use
Technologies currently being used by the website (E.g. domains that added Marketo.)


Technologies added to the websites within a given date range (E.g. domains that added Marketo in September 2017.)


Technologies dropped by the websites within a given date range (E.g domains that dropped Marketo in September 2017.)



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