Datanyze to Marketo Integration

Datanyze offers users the ability to connect to Marketo, giving Datanyze users another great tool to enrich data and strengthen their workflow.

To get started with the Datanyze Marketo Integration, go to Datanyze Settings and the Integrations tab and select "Marketo."

You will need to enter in your Munchkin ID, Client ID & Client Secret in order to establish the connection:


Once successfully connect, you will be given the option to Disconnect your account:

Please note that using the Marketo Integration will utilize Marketo API calls.

Once connected, the Datanyze fields will need to be:

-Built by you or your team within your Marketo account
-Mapped on the Datanyze side by Datanyze


Once those two steps are completed, data can begin flowing right away. 


If you have any questions about the Datanyze-to-Marketo integration, please reach out to us at 

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