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Datanyze to Marketo Integration


You must have administrative access in both Datanyze and Marketo to complete the Datanyze to Marketo LaunchPoint integration.

Also, you must have purchased the Datanyze-Marketo Integration product before you can connect your two instances.

Integrating your Marketo instance with Datanyze allows you to quickly and seamlessly enrich people’s profiles with firmographic and technographic data. When people are enriched with Datanyze, you can score people based on a variety of demographic qualities, tailor people’s campaign experience based on additional data and ask less qualifying questions (like company size, revenue, etc.) on forms.

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Set Up LaunchPoint Connection in Marketo

1. Follow Marketo’s directions for creating an API Only User Role at

2. Create an API Only User for the Datanyze integration.

3. Go to Marketo > Admin > LaunchPoint. Click New and select New Service. Type Datanyze as the Display Name and select Custom from the drop-down menu of Services. Enter your desired description and select the new API Only User you created from the step above. Then click Create


Set up Sync in Datanyze

1. Go to Datanyze Settings > Integrations and select Marketo. You will need to enter your Munchkin ID, Client ID and Client Secret from Marketo in order to establish the connection.

2. To find the Client ID and Client Secret, go back to Marketo > Admin > LaunchPoint, select the new Datanyze service and click View Details. A window will pop up with the Client ID and Client Secret included in the details.


3. To find the Munchkin ID, go to Marketo > Admin > Munchkin. The Munchkin ID is a nine-digit code: XXX-XXX-XXX.


4. Enter the Munchkin ID, Client ID and Client Secret into the Datanyze Integrations > Marketo window. Click Connect Account to confirm the integration between Marketo and Datanyze. If you are connected successfully, Datanyze will give you the option to Disconnect Account. Congrats! You did it!

Map Datanyze Fields to Marketo Fields

Please Note: Do not complete this step if your Marketo instance is connected to a CRM instance. Instead of creating new fields in Marketo, you will create the following fields on the Lead and Contact profiles in your CRM instance. This will ensure Datanyze data is synced back to your CRM from Marketo.

In order to enrich people in Marketo with Datanyze data, you will need to create new fields in Marketo to hold the corresponding information.

1. To create a new field, go to Marketo > Admin > Field Management > New Custom Field. Make a custom field for each Datanyze data point with which you plan on enriching people in


2. Complete the Datanyze to Marketo Customization Agreement to let the Datanyze Customer Success team know which Marketo fields should be enriched with Datanyze. Once the form is complete, send it to your Datanyze CS contact or


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