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Open Positions in Salesforce

An exciting and powerful tool Datanyze offers users within the Salesforce integration is the ability to include Open Positions within the data being synced. 

Using the Open Position data means users can see:

(A) What positions a Prospect is looking to fill,
and therefore
(B) Allow for specific information on what kind of work the company is doing or pursuing in the future. 

To include this data in your Salesforce integration, your account must be enabled for the SFDC sync, have credentials entered to allow the connection and have the fields built within your Salesforce. 

The fields should look as follows:


And the field type should be Long Text Field with a minimum of 255 characters. 

Once the fields are created, your Datanyze Representative or Datanyze Support will need to be notified in order to allow Datanyze to map the fields on our end. Once mapped, data can begin being pushed right away!

If you have any questions about Open Positions, please reach out to us at 

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