Using CSV Export in Datanyze

For users with access to CSV Export from Datanyze, the feature can allow for convenient and versatile data that can be adjusted at any time based on your current goals. 

Please note, users will only have access to CSV Export if they or their organization:

-are on a full annual contract with Datanyze
-have a contract that includes full platform access
-have paid their contract amount in full

This means that users who have purchased Datanyze through our self-serve portal, including Insider Startup and Insider Enterprise users, will NOT have access to CSV Export features. 

For users who do have access to CSV Export, the settings to adjust those exports are within the Datanyze Settings tab under "CSV Export." 


Within the Settings tab, users can adjust what Basic Information, Technical Information and other details they would like included within their CSV Exports. 

Please be aware that the more information that is included on those Exports, the longer it will take the Datanyze platform to generate the CSV. The maximum number of rows exported caps off at 200,000. 

Once a user has made all their selections, they should click "Update" at the bottom of the CSV Settings page. Those new settings will take effect immediately and all future exports will only include the desired data - until the user adjusts settings once again. 


Users can adjust their CSV Export settings as frequently as they want and at any time! 

If you have any questions about using the CSV Export feature, reach out to Datanyze at 

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