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Modify Your CSV Export Settings

For users with access to CSV Export, modifying your CSV Export settings allows you to export only the Datanyze business data you want. Your export preferences can be adjusted at any time to match your current goals.

Note: Users who have purchased Datanyze through our self-serve portal, including Insider Startup and Insider Enterprise users, will not have access to CSV Export features.

Modify Your CSV Export Settings

1. While logged into your Datanyze account, navigate to your account settings by clicking your username and select Settings


2. Once in Settings, click the CSV Export tab. This will open your CSV Export preferences. From here, use the checkboxes to pick the data points you want to include in your CSV exports.

From basic information like Company Name, Alexa Rank and Revenue to Salesforce Account ID, Technology Types and People Information, you are in control of what gets pulled from Datanyze when exporting.


Note: The more information you choose to include in your Exports, the longer it will take Datanyze to generate the CSV. The maximum number of rows you can export is limited to 200,000.

3. Once you have made all your selections, click Update at the bottom of the CSV Settings page. Those new settings will take effect immediately and all future exports will only include the selected data points.


You can adjust your CSV Export settings as frequently as you want!

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