How To Use Datanyze Insider

The Datanyze Insider tool is a powerful extension for your Chrome browser that gives users access to information with one click - and without even opening the Datanyze platform! 

To start, you will need to have downloaded Chrome. You can do this here if you haven't already. 

Once installed, Insider will be available from any site on the web. You'll see the icon on the upper right of your browser. 


By opening it, users will have access to Firmographic data about the domain and company. 


And by clicking on the Technographics icon, users can also see the current tech stack of any domain on the web. 


The Insider tool also features access to Salesforce information, allowing users to push or retrieve information from their Salesforce account. Please note: your Datanyze account must be enabled for this feature and connected, which can be done through Datanyze settings

Users of Insider also have immediate access to SEO data via SEM Rush with the click of the SEO tab on Insider. 


The Insider tool also allows users to search for emails anywhere on the web. More on this tool can be found here

If you have any questions about using Datanyze Insider, reach out to us at 

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