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Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider)


The Datanyze browser extension (Insider) only works with Chrome at this time.

Datanyze Insider is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to quickly view all of our powerful business data from the website or Salesforce record you are currently visiting. It also enables you to manually find anyone’s email address directly from a web page.

Data points shown in Insider

  • Firmographics
  • Technographics
  • People (Contacts)
  • Twitter Feed
  • Salesforce Records
  • SEO data via SEMrush

Getting Started with the Datanzye Browser Extension (Insider)

Once Insider is added to Chrome, you will be able to see it in the extensions area at the top right of your browser. To use Insider, click on the black Datanyze logo while visiting a website, or on a Salesforce record. After you click the icon, Insider will open up a panel on the right-hand side of your browser.


1. The default tab shown will be Firmographics (or whichever tab was last clicked). The Firmographics tab shows social media links, firmographic data, basic company details, and Tags (if this website has already been tagged). Most of the data points are hyperlinks which will route you to the source.


2. The second tab down is the Technographics tab. This tab will show you all the technologies Datanyze has identified on this website. They will be categorized by function. You can minimize the categories by clicking the arrow on the right-hand side.

Best Practice

Minimize the categories that are irrelevant to you to speed up your technographic research, and click the Insider Settings to setup alert bubbles for your technologies of interest. 

3. The third tab down is the People tab, which shows employee data for that company.


Note: If you have standard contacts enabled on your account, you will need to sign up for Datanyze Exchange in order to see contacts. If you have our Premium Contacts enabled, they will be shown here automatically.

4. The fourth tab down is the Twitter tab. This shows a live feed of this website’s tweets. The tweets are hyperlinked for easy access to the actual post.


5. The fifth tab down is the Salesforce tab. This will show any records in your Salesforce instance associated with this company (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, & Opportunities). Each record shown is hyperlinked to the corresponding Salesforce ID for quick access.


Note: You must be connected to Salesforce in order for this data to populate.

6. The last tab is the SEO data via SEMRush. This data is provided directly from SEMRush. It will show organic and paid search info, along with the top 10 organic and paid keywords.

Note: By clicking on the red SEMRush Logo, you will be redirected to SEMRush’s web page for the website you are currently on, which shows additional traffic insights.

7. You can further customize your Insider experience by clicking the Settings gear in the bottom left. Here is more information about how to Customize your Insider Experience. 

With Insider, you can also find the email address of anyone on the web with our right-click functionality.

If you have any questions about using Datanyze Insider, reach out to us at or click the chat window on the bottom right of our website.

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