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Connect Datanyze CRM Integrations

Datanyze offers integrations with the most-utilized CRM solutions to provide users with the most up-to-date and important data right at their fingertips. Here's how to get those integrations started. 

Please note: for all Datanyze integrations your account must be enabled and authorized for this feature. If you're unable to connect to your CRM and would like to begin using a Datanyze integration, please reach out to us at 


Integrations can be set up through the Datanyze Settings tab under Integrations


To begin setting up the integration, first select the CRM you'd like to connect to. For Salesforce, users will have selections on what level they wish to push information to to ensure data is routed properly. More information on the Salesforce integration can also be found here

To get the most use from your Salesforce integration, be sure to take advantage of the Datanyze Insider Chrome extension. It's available for free in the Chrome Store if you haven't downloaded it already. 

For other integrations, simply select the CRM of your choice, click "Connect Account" and Datanyze will walk you through the connection process. 


If you have any questions about setting up an integration, please reach out to Datanyze at 

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