Getting Started With Datanyze

Datanyze is a powerful tool for finding Technographic and Firmographic information. But how does a user get started? Here is a rundown of the best places to begin when you start using Datanyze. 

Datanyze New User Webinar

Datanyze offers a Webinar on the first Thursday of every month for users to get a live rundown on using Datanyze and Datanyze Insider, as well as offering users a chance to ask questions and get the latest tricks and Best Practices with the platform. We also have a recent webinar available for your immediate review as well as a link to register for the next webinar here

Datanyze Insider


The Datanyze Insider tool is a great way to see Technographic and Firmographic information all over the web without even opening the Datanyze platform on your browser! 

How to Use Insider
Insider Premium
How To Use The Insider Email Finder

Datanyze Targeting


The Targeting features in Datanyze are a powerful way to search for the specific conditions you need to be successful. 

Create a Targeting Report
Save a Targeting Report
Export a Targeting Report to CSV 
(please note, CSV Export is only available to users on an annual contract with Datanyze) 

Datanyze Integrations


The Datanyze platform offers integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and many more! Using Datanyze to enrich data in your CRM ensures that you and your team have the latest and greatest information available. 

Using the Datanyze to Salesforce Integration
Using the Datanyze to Hubspot Integration

Datanyze Tags


Tags within Datanyze are a great way to stay organized, speed up your searches and keep all your information right at your fingertips on Datanyze and Datanyze Insider. 

Using Tags in Datanyze
Datanyze Tags - Tips and Best Practices

Datanyze Import


The Datanyze Import features are a great way to create tags, find information in bulk and even find contact information for accounts with that feature enabled. 

Using Import in Datanyze

Datanyze Alerts


Setting up Alerts in Datanyze can enable the latest information on who is adding or dropping a technology you're tracking to be sent to your inbox every day without even opening up Datanyze. 

Using Datanyze Alerts

Need more help?

Have any more questions about using Datanyze? We have more information on our Help Center or reach out to us at any time at Thank you for using Datanyze! 

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