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Getting Started With Datanyze


You must have a Datanyze platform license in order to access the functionality listed in this article. Users of the free Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider) will not have access to all of the functionality listed in this article.

What’s in this article?

Register for a Datanyze New User Webinar

Click here to register for a New User Webinar. New User Webinars are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am Pacific Time. Topics covered during the webinar include:

  • Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider)
  • Targeting
  • Alerts
  • Tags
  • Integrations

Download the Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider)

1. Search for Datanyze Insider in the Chrome Store or download through this link. Click Add to Chrome. Remember to restart your browser after installation.


2. Try the browser extension on any website or directly from your Salesforce instance on any record by clicking the black Datanyze icon.



Run a Targeting Report

1. Go to the Targeting module. Screen_Shot_2017-09-22_at_12.26.42_PM.png

2. Select from the list of available conditions, including Technologies, Location, Number of Employees and more.


3. Apply additional conditions to further refine your Targeting reports.


4. Click Run Targeting Report to start compiling results. You now have a list of accounts that exhibit the conditions you selected!


Set Up Alerts

1. Go to the Alerts module and select the sprocket to begin setting up your alerts.


2. Choose a Technology and select Add for Tracking.


3. Apply an Alert filter (if applicable) and click Save Filters.


4. Next, click Update.


Review your Alerts Summary and start looking for Alerts emails in your inbox. Now you’ll know exactly when a selected technology is added or dropped.


Manage Tags

1. Go to the Tags module.

2. Review the 3 different types of tags:


Manually upload a list of Current Customers, Assigned Accounts, Strategic Accounts, Churned Customers, etc. for visibility into these companies throughout the Datanyze platform & Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider)

Use your Salesforce data to automate these company lists. Automated tags dynamically sync to Salesforce so your tags will consistently update

Tags created and managed by the Datanyze team consisting of common lists of companies

3. Select Upload Your Domains to create a User-Generated Tag.


4. Have your list of domains saved as a CSV on your desktop so you can easily find it when you’re ready to upload.


5. Apply a Tag name. A best practice is choosing a naming convention for all Tags and sticking with it. Whether that means ListName_ABC123 or User_ListName, it’s up to you.


6. Click Import and view the results of your new Tag.

Discover Datanyze Integrations

1. Go to your Datanyze Account Settings > Integrations.

2. View the available Datanyze Integrations and connect any applicable accounts.


3. For additional information on our Integrations, visit the Integrations section.

You are ready to start prospecting or analyzing accounts in Datanyze! If any questions come up along the way, reach out to your CSM,, or chat with the support team via the Chat icon on every page of the website.

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