Using Import in Datanyze

Datanyze users have access to several great features by using Import within Datanyze. Import can be found here within the platform. 

The Append Import will enrich data to a list of domains based on your current CSV Settings. Those settings can be adjusted at any time within Datanyze and will allow users to add or remove information based on their goals. Once the file is imported, Datanyze will enrich data and then offer a new CSV file for download that includes the desired fields of data. 

Please take note: Append imports are limited to 200,000 lines per file. 


The Datanyze platform also offers a CSV File Example on each of the file import options. These examples give users a sample of the desired format the CSV files being imported should be in. 

The next type of Import is the People-To-List function. This import will enrich Contact data based on a potential prospect's name and email domain, as well as job title and company name if possible. There is more information on this import here

Please note for People-To-List: this import is limited to 1,000 lines per file. 

The third type of file import is for Tags. Users are able to add domains to their existing Tags or create new Tags at any time, and there is no limit to the number of Tags a user can keep within Datanyze. 


Tags can also be managed directly from the Tags tab

If you have any questions about using Datanyze Import features, please reach out to us at 

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