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Append Datanyze Data to a CSV

The ability to append Datanyze data to a CSV is a powerful feature that’s easy to setup and will return the results within minutes.

The Data Append functionality allows you to:

  • Append technology usage data and firmographic data to a list of domains
  • Easily configure the CSV Settings to append only the data you need to the CSV

Append Datanyze Data to a CSV

1. Click on the Import button next to Tags on the left-hand side of the panel.


2. Select Append from Import Type.


3. Choose file to upload your file for appending. Here is an example of what the CSV file should look like. Datanyze will append the data found for each row based on your CSV Settings. The maximum number of rows per CSV import is between 10,000 and 20,000, depending on the options selected in your CSV settings.


4. Once a file is chosen, submit using the Append button and your file will be processed.


5. Within minutes of processing, your file will be ready. You can Download Appended File or go Back to Import to append another file.


And there you go! After a couple minutes, your original CSV is now enriched with powerful Datanyze business data.

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