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Tags Best Practices

Tags allow you to customize your Alerts and Targeting reports so you only see domains that are relevant to you. You can use Tags to group similar domains together based on custom criteria like account/lead/contact ownership, technology usage or any other attritbute.

Tags also come in handy when using the Datanyze browser extension (Insider). Clicking on the Firmographics tab within the extension allows you to view all the tags that domain has.

What’s in this article?

  • Using Tags in Targeting
  • Using Tags in Alerts
  • Using Tags in the Browser Extension (Insider)
  • Using Automated Tags

Using Tags in Targeting

Once you have Tags created, you can utilize them within Targeting by adding a Tag as a condition.

Example: Create a Targeting report with two conditions: (1) Select the User Generated Tag that contains your targeted account list and (2) Select the Added condition and choose competitors’ technologies with the date range 9-10 months prior. This will create a report of your targeted accounts who are coming up for a renewal with one of your competitors.


Using Tags in Alerts
Your Tags can also be used as a condition within your Alert Settings. Easily add a Tag to all of your Alerts so you only see those domains that are specific and relevant to you. tags_bp_2.png

Using Tags in the Browser Extension (Insider)

Your active Tags also appear in the browser extension (Insider) when you open a tagged domain.


These same tags are also shown on the domain's page within the Datanyze platform.


Using Automated Tags
Use Automated Tags to make tagging domains an effortless process. With your Salesforce Integration, you have the ability to create automatically curated lists dependent on custom Salesforce criteria. This will enable your team to know which account belongs to whom and avoid stepping on each other's toes when researching or prospecting. These Tags can then be used the same as User Generated Tags.

Note: Salesforce Admin must be enabled within your Datanyze account to create Automated Tags.

For even more guidance on using Tags, please check out the blog post Tips for Turbocharging Datanyze With Tags.

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