Using Tags in Datanyze

Datanyze's Tag feature is a great way to keep organized and find information more quickly on the Datanyze platform. 

To get started with Tags just select the Tags tab on the left of the Datanyze platform. 

To create a new Tag within Datanyze, you can do it manually by clicking "Create New Tag":


Or you can complete the function by Importing a CSV and by selecting "Upload Your Domains":


From the Upload screen you'll have the option to both create a new tag with your imported domains, or you can add domains to an existing tag within your account. 


Please note: The format of the imported file must be .CSV in order to ensure a successful upload. 

Once you've created the Tag, you can find your tagged domains within the Tag tab. You can also use your Tags within the Datanyze Targeting Reports as a condition. 


This will make it even easier to find exactly what you need on Datanyze. 

If you have any questions about using Tags, please reach out to us at 

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