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Create a Tag

The Tags feature allows you to group domains into custom lists. Use Tags to organize your account lists, group domains based on similar technologies or create any other categorization you can think of to stay organized.

Tags are accessible within the Datanyze platform or within the Firmographics tab of the browser extension (Insider). Within the Datanyze platform, Tags can be combined with Alerts or Targeting to help you create settings and lists that are perfectly aligned with your goals or account list.

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Create a New Tag

1. Select Tags from the left-side navigation in the Datanyze platform.

2. Click Create New Tag.


3. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the name of your new Tag. Then click Create New Tag.


4. That’s it! Your new Tag will appear at the top of your list of Tags in the User Generated tab.


Upload a List of Domains to a Tag

Upload a list of domains from a CSV file into a current Tag or new Tag.

1. Click Tags from the left side navigation in the Datanyze platform.

2. Click Upload Your Domains.


3. From the upload screen, ensure that Import Type is set to Upload.

4. Click Choose file… to select the CSV file you wish to upload. The file only needs to contain a list of domain addresses.

Note: The format of the imported file must be .CSV in order to ensure a successful upload.

5. You have the option to either create a new Tag with your uploaded domains or add the domains to an existing Tag.


6. Once your upload settings are complete, click Import.

7. You can find your newly tagged domains within the Tags section.

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