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Finding Contacts Using Datanyze Contacts-To-List

Many Datanyze users have relied on using Datanyze's Listbuilder feature to find potential Contacts on 3rd-party platforms. However, some of those platforms will no longer be compatible with Datanyze and Datanyze tools moving forward. 

For users who still want to use both Datanyze and those other platforms, the best solution will be to utilize Datanyze's Contacts To List function. 

In order to utilize Contacts To List, Datanyze recommends you follow the CSV format offered as an example on our platform. You can find that list here under the Contacts To List option. 


Datanyze encourages users to make sure they have the First name, Last name and Domain filled out for every desired contact on the Contacts to List CSV. Title and Company are ideal but the Datanyze Email Finder can often find a quality email address without those items. 


Once the list is complete at a maximum of 1,000 lines, users can upload here.

If you have any questions please reach out to Datanyze at  

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