How To Archive and Share Prospect Lists

Datanyze Prospect Lists are a great tool for staying organized while finding Contacts on the Datanyze platform. But in some cases, you may no longer need a Prospect List, or just want to share your list with a colleague but not want to make it public to your entire organization. 

Archiving Lists

Archiving a Prospect List allows you to remove it from your Active Lists but enable you to retrieve that information if you need it in the future. 

To Archive a list, select the Archive option from the Actions options on the far right of each List Name. 

Once a list is Archived, you'll see those lists within the "Archived" tab instead of the "Active" tab in Prospect Lists. 

Your lists will be stored within the "Archived" tab for retrieval at any time. 

Sharing Prospect Lists

By default, Datanyze Prospect Lists start as private only to the User who created them. Each user can alter that to make a Prospect List public to all users within your group. But in some cases we find users might just want to share with a few other users. 

To do this, you'll use the "Share" button within the Actions tab on the far right of each Prospect List.

This will open the Share prompt, where you can enter in the name or email address of the individual(s) you'd like to share your list with. 

This prompt will also allow you to share a Prospect List with everyone in your organization if you wish. 

You can share with additional users later if you wish as well. 

If you have any questions about these features or need help using Datanyze, please reach out to us at 

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