How To Export Prospects To Salesforce As Contacts

Datanyze now offers added functionality to allow greater control when pushing Prospects from Datanyze over to your Salesforce. 

To get started, you will first need to enable this feature by going to Settings >>> Integrations and selecting your Salesforce options. 

To utilize this feature, you'll need to make sure that for the option "When I bulk export to Salesforce," you've selected "Create a Contact." 

Once you've selected to Create a Contact in the Bulk Export, you can utilize this feature by selecting the Export to Salesforce option in a Prospect List. 

Please note: this feature is only available by using the checkboxes to the left of each Prospect. Utilizing the Salesforce icon on the right for a push will not offer you the same options. 

When you initiate the Export, Datanyze will offer you the next step that we find is most commonly desired by users. This can include adding a Contact to an existing Account if the domain already exists in your records, or creating a new Account.

If a domain in your Salesforce matches that of your new Contact, Datanyze will recommend that you add it to the existing Account. But with this new functionality, you can opt to create a new Account in your Salesforce with this Contact, or you can input a specific Salesforce ID to export the Contact to. 

This new functionality allows Datanyze users to direct Contacts precisely where they need to go and avoid duplicated Accounts. 

If you need any assistance in utilizing this feature, please contact a Datanyze Representative or reach out at 

Matching Domains

The Datanyze Salesforce Integration is designed to work by matching a domain to existing Accounts within your Salesforce. If an Account you're pushing over has a domain that is already attached to another Account, the two will be placed in the same Account within Salesforce. 

An example of when this might not work is within Amazon...the Amazon domain is most commonly "," but if you're looking for Accounts within their Web Services division, you may find them under the domain "" 

If the domain on that Account is pushed over under the typical Datanyze workflow, a new Account will be created, separate from an account with the domain "" within your Salesforce. In this instance, if you wish to have those Contacts on the same Account, our new option will allow you to enter the existing "" account ID into the workflow and push it to your desired Account. 

One aspect that does not matter in the matching will be the initial "www" or "HTTP" section of the URL. The Datanyze algorithm does not take that part of the URL into account when matching domains. These will not cause your Accounts to be pushed into new and/or separate IDs within Salesforce. 

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